You feel like having some Chinese Food? Are you looking for dishes that combine perfectly the traditional culinary elements of the Chinese cuisine: taste, aroma, color, combined with fresh ingredients, all these served in a relaxing atmosphere?

Then your perfect choice is Nan Jing Restaurant from inside Minerva Hotel on Gh. Manu Street no. 2-4
Is a relaxing place, perfect to escape for few hours from the madness of the city.

You will be delighted by the warmth of the restaurant’s personnel, charmed by the relaxing music and pleasant light, which are all meant to prepare you for the trip in the land of the five tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, hot, salty.
You need to make time for this restaurant and I guarantee you will come back each time with an unstoppable desire to try different combinations, deliciously prepared for you.

You will enjoy the talent of Chef Yong that has been cooking in Nan Jing over eight years. It is a traditional place, that respects the clients, the quality and serving of the dishes, a place that defines time and managed to maintain itself in our hearts over the years for the unforgettable moments spent here together with the loved ones.